• Chip level repair of mother board
  • Identify Internal CPU Parts
  • Types of Mother Boards and Expansion Cards
  • Types of Ports,Sockets,Slots & Jacks
  • Testing, Functions and Soldering of Components
  • Testing of Mother Board,Processor,RAM,,Power Supply, Input/Output Devices
  • Assembling of Desktop Computer
  • Jumper Settings (Hard Disk,CD/DVD,MotherBoard)
  • BIOS/C-MOS Features and Settings
  • Partition and Formatting Of Hard Disk
  • Installation of Windows.
  • Drivers installation (VGA,Sound,Ethernet and others)
  • Application installation (MS-Office,Photoshop, Corel Draw,pageMaker,Media Players etc)
  • Input/Output Device Drivers Installation (Printer, Scanner, Camera,Bluetooth etc)
  • Tools and Utilities (Antivirus,Java,Flash etc)
  • Uninstallation of application softwares and drivers
  • Trouble Shooting/Fault Finding
Computer Hardware Course


  • Data Transmission Formats
  • Computer networking
  • Types of Networking(LAN,MAN & WAN)
  • Computer Networking classifications
  • Peer to peer and server based networking
  • Wireless Networking
  • Configuring TCP/IP Protocols
  • Types of topologies (Bus,Ring,Star,Mesh etc)
  • Cables and Connectors (Coaxial,UTP,STP,Fiber,BNC,RJ45 etc)
  • Networking Hardware (NIC,hUB/Switch,Routers, Repeaters etc)
  • Network Cabling 9Cross Over and Straight Through)
  • Creating Network Connections
  • Managing E-Mail Account
  • Data Sharing and Security
  • Sharing Software from Internet
  • Network Trouble Shooting/Fault Finding
Computer Networking Course